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Wellness Exams

Why are yearly wellness exams so important?

A complete examination of the patient and consultation with the client can discover or prevent many serious problems as well as extend life. A year of our time is at least 7 years in pet time. If your pet has not seen a vet in a year, that is equivalent to not being examined for at least 7 years. Because, for older animals, our calendar month can be equivalent to a year of time; in their shorter lifespan, some patients are better served by being seen more often.

How to keep your pet healthy between exams:

  • We would recommend that you slowly switch your pet off dry food. Dry food is pro-inflammatory and dead. The glue used to make it stick into the neat little pellets you like is starch and this turns to sugar starting in the mouth; sugar in food has many bad effects on the body. If you would switch to a moist food we believe that your pet will live a longer healthier life. You can switch your pet over to a moist diet of either canned food, the tubed pet food, raw, or home cooked. Make sure to slowly make this transition as you don’t want to upset your pet's stomach.
  • Visit for complete & balanced homecooked meal recipes for dogs and cats. This site also provides recipes for a variety of specialized diets by condition, age, or special needs.
  • Do not over vaccinate your loved ones. Over vaccination can cause many health risks down the road. When getting vaccines never give more than one vaccine at a time to reduce the risk of a bad reaction. If giving the Bordetella, please give the oral vaccine.
  • Try giving fresh organic vegetables as treats instead of the processed store-bought junk treats. (No grapes or onions)

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