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Pet Wellness Center LLC

Helping pets live healthy, happy, and long lives.

Services Provided

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are a great way to bring comfort to your pets. We offer preventative adjustments, post surgery adjustments and more!

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Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine is a great alternative from traditional medicine. The main concept behind homeopathic is "Like Cures Like". 

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Wellness Exams

Just like humans, our pets need regular check ups as well. We like to see our clients once a year to make sure they are able to live a long and healthy life. Once our pets reach that "senior" age, we try to see them every 6 months. 

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Dental Scaling

Is it not quite time for a professional sedated dental cleaning? We offer dental scaling without sedation for pets that will tolerate it!

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Cancer Consultation

You aren't in this alone. If your pet was diagnosed with cancer we are here for you. Come talk with doc about alternatives to chemotherapy. 

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House Calls

Have a stubborn cat that won't go in their crate? Does your dog get car sick? We will come to you!

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Ozone Treatments

Ozonotherapy is the use of medical grade ozone, a highly reactive form or pure oxygen, to create a curative response in the body. 

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Cold Laser Treatments

Cold laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cells and increase blood circulation. At the correct laser wavelength, pain signals are reduced and nerve sensitivity decreases.

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Supplements / CBD

We only carry the best supplements for your pet. We stock a wide variety of Standard Process supplements and carry CBD oil from a vet tested company.

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Sanitary Grooming

Does your pet have mats? Are you unable to bathe them? Give us a call about setting up a sanitary grooming appointment. 

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Anal Gland Expression

Is your pooch doing the scoot? Expressing their anal glands can help support health and hygiene. 

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Nutrition Plans

Unsure about what to feed your pets? Come by and talk to our staff about a balanced nutrition diet for your pet. 

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Dr. Ramirez serves Lehigh Acres, Naples, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Bonita Springs, Estero, North Fort Myers, South Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Buckingham, and Alva for all of your pets holistic, chiropractic and homeopathic needs!